The Fall of Paul

The assignment for this essay was to write an explication essay. Our job was to focus on a key symbol, incident, character, etc. from a short story we read in class, and to then analyze its importance… Read More

In the Middle, But Certainly Not Average

The assignment for this essay was to “analyze what assumptions underlie a critical review of a production … and consider to what extent your view of the ending parallels or differs from that of the critic”… Read More

Response to a Reading: Lorrie Moore

For this assignment, we were to write a response about a literary event that we attended on Davidson College’s campus. I chose to attended the 2017 Conarroe Lecture, where author Lorrie Moore read one of her remarkable pieces of… Read More

Why I Study Literature

  My immediate answer as to why literature is worth studying is simply because someone wrote it. This response is probably because I enjoy writing more than I do reading. During my free time as a… Read More