About Me

My name is Sabrina Rodriguez, but I have always been called Bean.

Though I may have many uncertainties in life, I am certain of who I want to become. I know this is probably naive, but it is true. Throughout my life I have always wanted to be like my brother. He is who people refer to when they describe someone with character and decency. He has a heart with more strength and love than he knows what to do with, and she has never stopped believing in me. So, each day I wake up and actively work to be like him, and to become the courageous person that he thinks I already am. I collect quotes about courage, humility, presence, character and more to remind me of who I wish to become. Even if I fail at everything else I try to achieve, if I make my brother proud I will be satisfied.

Since I was a young Beansprout, I’ve dreamed big and obnoxious dreams. My father constantly told me, “Dream no small dream, for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” My dreams are still big and I take pride in that.

Additionally, I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I grew up attending a small private school, where I was lucky enough to learn from some of the most amazing coaches and teachers. I have a dog named Pinky who is adorable and chubby, and is definitely the dog version of myself. I drive a lime-green Jeep, named the Green Bean Machine. I collect costumes. I believe that courage and respect are two of the most important values, and that hard work is the most admirable form of achievement.